Fuerteventura 2018

Fuereventura 2018 - Playitas

Morning Yoga & Mountain climbing 

Playitas is a famous sport center placed in the middle of Fuerteventura. Me and my childhood buddy Eva decided to go there over the christmas. Focus was on training and we triad almost every sports they had to offer. 

Biking to the Lighthouse was really tough, and also climbing the mountain as well.

When you finally reached the top of the mountain, close to Playitas, there was fantastic view. 

Eva enjoyed the early morning yoga and I hooked up. It was great to do yoga in the morning.

The sunrises were magical, and, what a great start to the day really. 

After the morning yoga it where time for a great breakfast. Then rest in the sun and then go for biking, spinning, jumpy or other scheduled activity. 


The most fun activity was the spinning "lessons" with Andrew. A nice, funny, engaged and nowdays world-famous sports leader from Holland.

We also meet a nice couple, Anna & Henrik,  and me and Hanrik played some tennis. 

Everything was very well organized and the food was fantastic. I really recommend go there.