Switzerland 2018

Switzerland 2018 - Interlaken 


My friend Karin, that I meet in Cyprus, invite me to visit her and her family in Switzerland. I had never been there before, this was the first time. My good, what a country, what a nature, fantastic.  

Beeing invited to Karin's family was hugh for me. They showed an enormous warmth, friendship, love and hospitality. Her mother and father, brother and both sons. I loved it.  

One day Karin took me to Grindelwald, Interlaken.

On our way to Grindelwald we passed by a bakery house called Roger's B├Ąckerie, we both laugh :) 

You can not go by car the whole way to the top, the last bit we took the train . In Switzerland they have train al over the place. .. wow.. , what a views .. I was completely



At the top, after a walk, we had a really good dinner. And at the restaurant we meet an 70 year old lady who had been walking over the day, for about 8h, at Grindelwald. It was impressive.  

The next day I played ice hockey with Karin's boys and their friends in the ice arena Tissot. I think it was Sweden - Switzerland, in REAL :).

Thanks Karin for sharing all this, a memory for life really.